Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Counterfeit Bookplates- You Have Got To Be Kidding

"The New York Firm Of Tiffany & Company was commissioned to engrave and print, in 1961, the John Fitzgerald Kennedy presidential seal design ex libris .President Kennedy used these bookplates for the books in his private library in The White House.They are pulled from a deeply engraved steel plate " (private correspondence from a noted Kennedy collector)

The two copies I have in my collection came from the private collection of Mary Barelli Gallagher, who was Jacqueline Kennedy's personal secretary from 1956 to 1964

Other copies of the plate ,affixed to books, were included in the two Sotheby's auctions and the plate is illustrated on page 86 in the Sotherby's 2005 Kennedy Family auction catalog.

Some sleezbucket has been making fake Kennedy plates for several years and here is how to protect yourself from paying big bucks for a counterfeit:

Know and tust your dealer . Verify, if possible, the provenance.

Some( but not all) of the plates are on Tiffany watermarked paper.Hold the plate up to the light to see if there is a watermark.

The critical test is very simple.Gently rub your finger on the plate.If you do not feel the high relief letters and seal from the engraving process the plate is bogus.

Attention- William Jefferson Clinton -I have set aside one of my duplicate Kennedy plates to exchange for one of your plates.

There are also many many fake Hitler, Mussolini and George Washington plates in the marketplace.Let the buyer beware.

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