Monday, June 05, 2006

Who is Harold Lindley ?

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I am often asked if I have a favorite bookplate and no one item comes to mind as I have many that give me a great deal of pleasure. The bookplate for Harold Lindley would;however, be near the top of the list.
Here is what I assume :He was under ten years of age in the 1920s or thirties and probably lived in America or England.
Prior to checking Google I had hoped to find something like this: Mr Harold Lindley, a retired pilot started reading about airplanes when he was ten years old and even created his own bookplate.-- No Such Luck.
What I did find among the listings was a deceased minister and a deceased physician who might have been the young book enthusiast.Perhaps I will never find out but hope springs eternal.


Anonymous said...

Probably a different person, but I have an uncle (deceased) named Harold O. R. Lindley (two middle names). I think he was born in 1916. He did have a fasination with airplanes. He served in the Army Air Corps in WWII and earned several medals, but he was not a pilot. He spent many years as a full time active member of the Missoui Air National Guard. I think he was a crew chief on cargo planes and retired as an E8 or E9. He came from Gentry County Missouri and I believe he died in St. Joseph, MO. With this info you can probably find out more if you are interested.

malcolm enright said...

dear lew,
found your blog following through a search
got myself back to your initial posts . . .
this would be just my choice (and I don't own the plate), bugger!
I have a year to be where you are currently book-plate-ing
Cheers from mal E