Sunday, June 11, 2006

Three Physician's Bookplates

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I wanted to come up with a catchy tag line about these physicians but the creative juices were not flowing.If anyone out there has any witty ideas please let me hear from you.

Here is what scant information I have unearthed :

Dr. Fox (1898-1983) was a prominent opthalmologist in New York City

Dr. Williams was ,I assume, an OB/Gyn.
Although the plate is signed FBS ,1944 it is not the work of Frederick B. Spenceley

Dr.Hopping was a proctologist in New Jersey.
Years ago, tracked down his son but he had no idea who designed the plate.

If you have a personal plate you are proud of why don't you scan it for me and I will try to include it in a future issue.

NEW TOPIC- Yesterday I spotted the following on the website of a British dealerand it amused me.

"The condition of this copy is only good as it shows a few signs of age and wear.
However it has the remains of three Maudie's Select Library labels overlaid one on another on the front board and a stylish bookplate of Lilian Maud Levi of Woughton House Bletchley on the front paste-down.

One wonders if the lady refrained from taking the book back to the library and absorbed it into her own collection or if she owned it before it fell into Maudie's hands"

That's all for today.

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